It pays to have solid business advice and the right wealth management team in your corner. Cochran Consulting of Riverside has Primary Business Consultants that are ready to help harmonize your business and help you create an Exit Plan that meets all your long-term goals.

E- Entering Business Ownership

Entrepreneurs considering Entering Business Ownership were previously known "as buyers." We now refer to them as Entering Entrepreneurs because there are many effective opportunities to become the owner of a business in addition to buying a business.

E2 - Evaluating business ownership

Would you like to be in control of the price and negotiations when it is time to Exit? More importantly, what if you are not in control and looking at a 20-30% price discount for the business you invested a lifetime of hard work in? Business owners need to know the value of their business.

E3 - Enhancing business ownership

A trained Primary Business Consultant will secure an independent third-party Business Enhancement Report indicating what can be done to yield the best possible current earnings and ultimate value. Never allow a professional to lead you into marketing your business for less than it could be worth!

E4 - Exiting Business ownership

At some point, the owner of every business will consider an Exit Strategy to cash in on years of hard work and investment. If you have a current interest in Exiting your business, or considering maximizing the value of your business for a future Exit, this is an excellent time to make your move!