• Enter an Existing Business
  • Proven Methods 
  • Logical Steps in Entering
  • Consider a Business Start-Up

Entering Business Ownership E


Entrepreneurs considering Entering business ownership were previously known "as buyers." We now refer to them as Entering entrepreneurs because there are many effective opportunities to become the owner of a business in addition to buying a business. Below will get you started down the path of Entering Business Ownership.

Road map to enter
  • Initial interview with a Primary Business Consultant regarding businesses in his/her inventory.
  • Sign a nondisclosure document to guarantee confidentiality.
Road map: continued
  • Receipt of a "Preliminary Profile" of information regarding a business in which you have interest.
  • You will be given a guide for Entering Business Ownership.
Road Map: continued
  • If you have continued interest, you will be asked to provide historical financial information on yourself, a personal resume, as well as fill out a questionnaire.
Road map: continued
  • Receipt of a more detail "Basic Profile" of the business in question.
  • An opportunity to review all information available on the business.

"Dr. Cochran has helped us Enter a commercial airline business. We feel very lucky to attend his seminar on Entering Business Ownership. We encourage you to seek his expertise."

Julie & Mike D.


"I learned more about Entering Business Ownership from the team at Cochran Consulting than I could have expected. Today, I am the proud owner of my own business."

Kevin M.